Advanced Bulking Cycle
Criteria for using an advanced cycle:
1) If you have done over 5 cycles total.
2) If you have stacked 2 steroids and one other drug (an anti-estrogen, clen, etc...) in one cycle
3) If you have done cycles for at least 2 different reasons (i.e. cutting, bulking, strength gain, etc& )
4) If you have done PCT and retained more than half of your gains

Prior to you jumping into an advanced cycle, with several compounds, you need to get your PCT organized. If you are losing more than half your gains from every cycle, then something is wrong. Just because you have previously used a lot of steroids doesn’t mean you’re an advanced user. However, if you have kept most of your gains from each cycle, and meet the other three criteria listed , then you are ready for a cycle such as this.
A 12 to 16 week cycle with
Wk 1-End of cycle Test Propionate 100mgs/EOD
Wk 1-End of cycle Tren Acetate 100mgs/EOD
2ND Half (either week 6 or 8) Masteron 75mgs/EOD
1ST Half (either wk 1-6 or 1-8) Anavar 50mgs/ED
Wk 1-End of cycle Arimidex or tamoxifen
Firstly, you will see that the doses are low to moderate. In addition, only one of the compounds being used, the test, will be able to convert into estrogen. The Arimidex or Tamoxifen is being integrated just to help get rid of a slight amount of estrogen, for a dryer look on the cycle. If you should opt for more testosterone, that is fine. If you are attempting to get as ripped and dry as achievable, then your diet is going to have to be as clean as possible.
The Testosterone of this cycle is both anabolic and highly androgenic, and tends to be used in many lifters off-season mass cycle. Water retention correlated to test with this ester is typically exceptionally low, which is why it´s good for this cycle. In a cutting cycle, test is always a great base, bc of its anabolic properties, and bc it is a very strong androgen.
The Tren Acetate is a very anabolic and very androgenic form of 19-nortestosterone. It is rated as being both five times as anabolic and five times as androgenic as testosterone. Even though it is a bit deceiving to say it´s five times as anabolic, because honestly it won´t put five times as much muscle on you as an equivalent dose of test however it is a very potent steroid. The good thing about Tren on a diet is that you see results pretty much daily. Unfortunately, it affects many people´s ability to comfortably do Cardio. It is also a progestin and can cause sexual dysfunction which is another reason to be on testosterone in this cycle. Luckily, since it is such a potent androgen, you will stay aggressive and strong in the gym. Tren binds very strongly to the Anabolic Receptor- which perhaps aids in fat loss with it.
Nandrolone Phenylpropionate also has a reasonable bind to the AR, but also has considerable benefits for your joints. So for this reason it can be substituted for Tren if that´s an issue.
The Masteron is a highly androgenic steroid that is derived from DHT. It does not convert to estrogen and in fact will help combat estrogenic side effects. Naturally this will aid in reducing some water, and a lot of people find it helps their mood on cutting cycles. The main reasoning for incorporating Masteron is that it has a receptor binding capability well above test and Tren and due to it being DHT-derived it ought to give you a nice fat burning effect as well as give a nice strength building component. Included is a kick starter for this cycle, previous to the switch over to Masteron. For a kick start to a cutting cycle, I think Anavar at 50mgs/day is most advantageous. The use of an oral at the beginning is good for reasons of seeing immediate results, and then you can switch over to Masteron. A good part of an advanced cycle is that it´s flexible (Modifying this cycle as you need to).
This cycle will suppress your natural hormonal function rapidly and sternly. The advanced user will be able to drop a lot of fat on this cycle with an appropriate diet, as well as maintain most of their muscle mass, if not gain more.