Amazing service, very fast , no problem, a great experience, as always on this shop.Proviron is strong, i love to add a cycle, better results. Im now wiht var and clen, var is the best that i tried, lean, hard, vascularity, 50-60mg works very well for me. Clen from Genesis is my favorite, i run 80mcg and fat loss is evident. No jitters
  • Submitted By: brandon
  • Submitted Date: 01 April 2014
Made 2 orders from them and waiting on third. They are a good source with good prices and they take care of you. I was shorted 10 Winny\'s and he sent me 20 to make up for it to me that is what brings me back is people taking care of you and good products.
  • Submitted By: Jim J.
  • Submitted Date: 01 April 2014
getting better
Several orders never a issue. Comes quick and product never lets me down.Steroidsasap.com !! A group of for of us have utilized his gear into different stacks. We all started at the same time . Because we are using different compounds in or stack you think it would be different? Nope we are all gaining and eating like wild goats! The results 6 weeks in on each of our cycles just keep getting better . !!!! And that just tells you 4 out of 4 of us are having great results that Paul knows his shit and deliveries good labs! My cycle is just getting better with every shot!
  • Submitted By: Jack
  • Submitted Date: 23 March 2014
Sustanon, Deca, EQ, Dianabol Review
I havnt used all of the products yet... Specifically my cut cycle.. I will review those in a few months... But as of now I am about 3/4 way through my bulk... The deca is great... Got me blowing up and solid strength increase... Plus those achy joints are nice and lubricated... The sust 500 has been doing its thing... Got good energy through out the day and I'm packing on mass nicely... The EQ definatly has been working... I've noticed quite a bit more vascularity and the hunger pains are almost annoying :)... In a good way... The dbol is excellent... I put on a solid 8 lbs in 4 weeks at 100 mg ed... 8 lbs that was kept anyway... Super dianadrol.... Well that stuff made weights seem light... I was maxing out at 350 on bench... Now I can hit 350 x 3... And it's easy... The letro for sure put down some gyno I had.... The rocks in the nips shrunk up quite a bit... And then for the superman tabs... My goodness let me tell you.... An hour after popping one it was on like donkey kong... I felt the effects for literally 3 days ha... I felt like a tripod.... I will be reviewing the rest very soon as well...
  • Submitted By: Colin M
  • Submitted Date: 23 March 2014
Trenbolone Acetate Review
Tren Ace - Wow....I think this was the best tren I've ran so far. I grew like crazy at 100mg ed. My gym buddy was getting jealous and he still is. My muscles hardend, I got mad vascular in places Id never seen before and was beastin it at the gym. Hardly any PIP which is expected from good tren.
  • Submitted By: Micheal B.
  • Submitted Date: 21 March 2014
Its good working with Paul, his stuff is top notch, prices are amazing, quality shows when you use his gear and he gets you what you ordered when he says he will. I was backordered from 1 purchase made and was contacted by Paul after i received my shipment. He apologized and mentioned he was backordered on several items, I got to make some last minute changes and he got me what i ordered as soon as he could. Best part is even with the backorder and the back and forth communication i got what i ordered in under 15 days total. There was another product that was lost in the mail. Completely not Paul's fault. I reached out to him to let him know i hadn't received it and he apologized, said he would try to track it down. Replied to me a little bit later saying it was untraceable and therefore....he put me down for a full reship. I got exactly what i needed. Customer service is topnotch with this guy. He owns his operations in full responsibility. Its good working with him. I know i will get what i need. Also big thanks for whole steroidsasap team ! You guys are great !
  • Submitted By: Dave O
  • Submitted Date: 21 March 2014
My second order.
I've placed 2 orders with asap now. Asaps prices are extremely fair and their response time is 24 hrs or less every time in my experience. Both orders successfully passed customs and were received in good condition. All products are great and as advertised. I'm running Alpha Pharma Test E 250 @ 400mg/ wk. This is my first ever cycle. I saw stamina picking up in the 2nd week and started feeling it late in week 3. I'm half way thru week 4 now and it's kickin ass. Diet and training are on point and I've gained 8 lbs already. Can't wait to see where I'm at at week 12.
  • Submitted By: Tony New York
  • Submitted Date: 19 March 2014
Thank you Paul, my summary.
Awesome communication and excellent support. Answered any and all e-mails about an order or product supply prompt-by prompt I mean within hours. 12 days from donation to doorstep! Test E was tested in a lab by a family member and needless to say its spot on. I'm running the Cypionate and its clean oil, no pip....the real deal...Dianabol-50mg tabs are very good quality....I've hit my 7 week mark in 4 weeks....way ahead of the roadmap I've laid out. I'm on 750mg a week Test Cypionate, injections split into two pins per week. 50 mg. dianabol a day.split into 25mg morning and early-early afternoon.. adding tren at week 5....12 week cycle. 205 starting weight..10% bodyfat...4000 calories a day...325 grams of protein a day. Strength gains are excellent already. Definitely good d-bol....got the moon face but not the bad bloat I've gotten in the past I think due to my diet being cleaner..Up 23 lbs to 228.
  • Submitted By: Jay
  • Submitted Date: 19 March 2014
Real deal, legit shop, products.. I recommend.
These guys are an A+ in my book,I mean they couldn't have done any better by me,I ordered there test prop and there tren ace and there gear is as good as there servise,I was 190 pnds at 10% bf and now I'm a solid 200 with 8 % bf.There servise was great for me and they had my gear at my door after payment in 9 days,the vials were clean and filled nicely and the tren ace and test prop has a nice power kick to it.There ordering prosses is easy on there site aslong as u follow what they say to do and you'll have your gear in know time at all ,plus its quality gear..So bottom line is for me they have good servise good gear and fast shipping..THANKS steroidsasap..hope you stick around for awhile..5 stars..
  • Submitted By: Thomas
  • Submitted Date: 18 March 2014
Received Order - products review
Here is my review for for steroidsasap....obviously customer service is great shipping time was 9 days on both orders i placed! Im three weeks into my cycle running test e at 500mg a week and i gotta say i couldn't be happier with it this past week i can really tell its kicked in full force lifts are up and my skin stays oily it seems...as far as his Tren ace goes i know its g2g because i got every side effect it had to offer at 50mg eod went ahead and bumped it up to 50mg ed for about 5 days and the shit almost got me divorced lol...so i quit using his Tren because i just couldn't sleep while runing it...Ive put on 14lbs since i started the cycle planning on getting test levels checked in the next week or two...im loving the asap's gear they have my business, thanks for everything ill be making another donation soon bros
  • Submitted By: David D.
  • Submitted Date: 18 March 2014